Winter weather brings joy and it also brings cold cars and icy windshields. The majority of us know that driving your car with ice on the windshield obstructing your view is illegal and the majority of us don't like getting into a cold car. So what do we do? We start up the car in the morning and let it run for a few minutes. And we usually leave it unattended.

Leaving your car unattended and running is never a good idea and it is especially bad during the winter. Car thieves know that we like to warm up our cars and during the cold months they will drive the streets looking for cars to steal.

Saturday morning that happened to my friend. His wife started the car and then went inside to get the kids. A few minutes later the van was gone along with her purse and wallet.

This doesn't mean you can't warm up your car in the morning - just don't leave it unattended. There are other options - if you can start your car and then take the keys with you and lock it so thieves can't get in. Some cars are better than mine and have remote start features. Otherwise, give yourself the extra time in the mornings to warm up your car and scrape your windshield if there is ice or snow.

In a Facebook message from local police they recommend that you scrape the ice and if you can't lock your car and leave it running, then to sit in it while it warms.

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