Information released in a new study reports that cats are one of just a few animals that can contract, and pass the Coronavirus on to other animals. No scientific data to date has determined that cats can pass the virus on to humans.

A new study on a scientific journal website is reporting that cats not only can become infected with the Coronavirus, but their saliva droplets can spread the virus to other cats, according to information shared on April 8, 2020, from the website Reuters. The World Health Organization has now reportedly launched an investigation of its own to determine if the study has any merit, and to delve further into transmission link between animals and humans.

The study also states that aside from cats, ferrets and dogs can test positive for COVID-19, but there is still no case of these animals infecting humans, according to the Reuters story. The findings also state that animals tested, such as ducks, chickens and pigs, have showed no signs of possessing the ability to contract the virus. Bats are believed to have been early carriers and transmitters of COVID-19.

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Justin Sullivan, Getty Images
Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

The Coronavirus has now infected more than 1.5 million people worldwide, resulting in more than 90,000 deaths, according to the CDC. For more information on how the virus can be transmitted, click here.

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