One unexpected side effect of the social distancing many people are doing is that they are now stuck at home dealing with things they normally don't. Many parents are praising school teachers for the tough job they have in teaching and caring for our kids on normal school days. I was sitting on my couch and this lady started talking to me about her day. Apparently she's my wife? So many unexpected things you find out while stuck at home.

Another thing pet owners are finding out is what exactly their pets do while they are away. Dog owners have it easy (unless you own an energetic dog) because your pup just wants to do whatever you are doing. Cat owners have it a lot more difficult. Cats are independent and cats are jerks. Cats prefer life pre-quarantine when you weren't in their business all day and they could chase light, knock stuff over, and nap without you around. A lot of cat owners had no idea what their kitty was doing all day long but now they are finding out and posting videos online. There is an entire group of 'Quarantine Cats' videos and pictures on Twitter.

Also, cats are sore losers.

In less entertaining news, you can now stream the movie Cats on iTunesPrime VideoFandangoNowGoogle Play, or Vudu while you are socially distanced.

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