There are so many different types of personalities out there and many of them are having a hard time with this social distancing thing. Just out of curiosity we want to know which one Twin Falls has most of in the area.

I am the type of person that is struggling a little bit with this "social distancing" thing. I really miss hanging out with my small group of friends, going to the gym and meeting new people. Not to mention my routine is all messed up. I am struggling. Taking this quiz will help determine which group you fall into.

I know I have coworkers that aren't struggling at all. They are basically living their life as if nothing had changed at all. They aren't the most social type. I have another friend in Nevada that is going stir crazy. She goes out almost every single night let alone every weekend. Staying at home without even being able to go to work has to be killing her.

It may be one of those things that we will all be so grateful when we can go back to normal, every day life that we won't take it for granted ever again. I mean, not likely forever but maybe for a little while.

If you know someone who is that social butterfly, check in on them. They way go crazy before this whole thing is over.

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