Put down that Hot Pocket. Just over 762,000 pounds of Hot Pockets have been recalled due to possible foreign matter contamination: specifically glass and plastic.

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On the USDA website you can see the full details about the recalled food product. The recall does not affect all Hot Pockets varieties. The recall covers the 54 ounce packages with twelve '54-oz carton packages containing 12 “Nestlé HOT POCKETS BRAND SANDWICHES: PREMIUM PEPPERONI MADE WITH PORK, CHICKEN & BEEF PIZZA GARLIC BUTTERY CRUST'. The boxes will have a 'BEST BEFORE FEB 2022' date printed on them with lot codes 0318544624, 0319544614, 0320544614, and 0321544614. In the USDA inspection mark 'EST. 7721A' will be printed.

Hot Pockets are a product of the Nestle company. Last month the Nestle company also issued a recall on specific Lean Cuisine products. That recall included 90,000 pounds of food for similar reasons, hard white plastic in the food.

That gets the news portion of the story out of the way, now I have to admit something. Every time I wrote the words 'Hot Pocket' I could hear Jim Gaffigan saying it in my mind. He'd probably make a joke that anyone who actually eats Hot Pockets has other things to worry about than glass and plastic in their food. If you haven't seen his Hot Pocket segments, do yourself a favor and watch them below.

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