More than 90,000 pounds of certain Lean Cuisine food product has been recalled due to possible foreign matter contamination. Nestle Prepared Foods made the announcement on December 19, 2020 after receiving complaints from customers about hard white plastic pieces in the food. The recall only affects a specific batch of the prepared food product.

Nestle announced that certain Lean Cuisine Baked Chicken meals, which were shipped across the United States, are those being recalled. If you have purchased Lean Cuisine Baked Chicken meals labeled with 'white meat chicken with stuffing red skin mashed potatoes and gravy', look at the batch code and use by date to see if you need to throw it away. The problem batch will have the code 0246595911 on it and a 'best before' date of October 2021 or OCT2021 printed on the box. Also look for the establishment number P-9018 near the batch code. Other batches and products are not included in or affected by this recall.

The USDA lists the recall as a Class 1 recall and a high health risk. The hard plastic pieces could cause choking or lacerations. All product included in the recall should be disposed of.

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If you have a contaminated box of food you can either throw it away or return it to the place of purchase.

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