Normally the thought of living in a cave doesn't sound like very much fun unless you are Idaho's Dugout Dick or the cave is decorated to look like the home of the Christmas Grinch.

Rent The Grinch's Cave For Christmas

South of Twin Falls, in Utah, is a fully furnished Grinch cave which was placed for rent on the Vacasa website last year. It's a vast cave, spanning 5,700 square feet with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. And even though the Grinch allows his pooch Max to live there, guests are not allowed to bring pets.

Grinch Cave For Rent In Southern Utah

The Grinch went to Florida for Christmas and rented out his cave to make some extra money to buy Roast Beast. Checkout the pictures from inside his bachelor pad.

Grinch Cave In Utah is Fully Booked For Christmas

The Grinch cave was posted as available to rent for only a few days in 2021, while the Grinch was away in Florida. Those days booked so quickly that by the time I got to writing this story - it was fully booked—Bah humbug.

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The Grinch was renting out his house for only $20 a night, adding to the appeal. Who knew the Grinch had such a big heart? The cave is in a remote area and those who booked a night needed a vehicle with all-wheel drive. They also had to bring their own food as the supplied Who Hash, Who Pudding, and Roast Beast will only last for a short time.

Does The Grinch Cave Still Exist In Utah

There is no internet service at the Grinch cave, but there is a large study room, library, and of course the famous Grinch organ for you to play. You can even check out a virtual tour of the house/cave since you can't book the location anymore. Vacasa isn't clear as to whether the Grinch cave still exists or if it was built just for this stunt and then removed.

UPDATE: This story has been revised to reflect changes made since the original post in 2021.

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