This is a hypothetical theory since as far as I know, the Grinch doesn’t actually exist. But maybe he is up there in the South Hills hiding in a cave plotting the best way to steal Christmas.

To determine what it would take to steal Christmas and what the Grinch would get away with, we can compare the population of the tiny town of Whoville to that of Twin Falls.

If The Grinch Stole Christmas From Twin Falls What Would He Take?

At The Credit Review, they looked at the stats and did the math for us and despite all the Christmas cheer of the original town of Whoville, the Grinch would walk away much richer in 2023 than in 1957 when the original book was written. If the Grinch robbed Whoville today of all its Christmas decorations, presents, and roast beast, he’d ride away with $14 million on his sled. The tally for the town back in 1957 would have been a measly $1.2 million.

Now, to Twin Falls. There are guesses that the tiny town of Whoville has a population of around 16,000 people. Twin Falls has a population of around 53,000.

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That means after the Grinch went through each Twin Falls home and took our decorations, presents, holiday food (including our pudding and roasts), and lied to a few kids about what he was doing - he’d ride out of town with a haul worth $47.5 million!

I don’t know if we’d be as full of holiday cheer after that as the town of Whoville, so let’s hope the Grinch is fake and not plotting a Christmas heist.

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