If you have been around the area for a long time you have probably made a tradition during the holidays to stop by the Rock Creek Christmas Light display. It is incredibly sad to hear that this year the Rock Creek Christmas lights will not be happening. It is possibly permanently canceled.

According to their Facebook page run by Roy and Sandra Wojcik, the reason the light show has been canceled is because the two decided to sell the Rock Creek General Store where the display was held. The new owners have decided they were unable to continue the tradition this year but they may be looking at options to try and continue on next year. That has not been confirmed or denied just yet. We are really hoping that the tradition returns but only time will tell.

The Rock Creek General Store Christmas lights have been a staple in the area and it was one of the things I have loved to see each and every year. If you have ever gone you know that it has to take a lot of time and effort and money to get that display up and running. That electric bill can't be cheap.

Congratulations to the Wojcik family for settling down a little bit and enjoying life. I want to thank them for their hard work and dedication to the community each year. It has created some amazing memories for families all over the community.

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