This is an issue that only comes up a few times every decade: when Halloween falls on a Sunday and the community needs to decide if the trick or treating will happen on the Sunday or Saturday. There are a lot of religious reasons given as to why we should not celebrate on Sunday and there are also work and school reasons that a Saturday celebration would be better. But, there are also those who don't care about your lifestyle. Halloween is on Sunday so you celebrate on Sunday.

Sunday Halloween 2021

A few years ago there was a big uproar about kids being out let celebrating Halloween late on school nights. That caused a petition to begin and a new holiday was born called National Trick or Treat Day. As a parent, the new holiday makes sense: you celebrate Halloween on the final Saturday of October every year. Some cities even have laws against trick-or-treating on Sundays. But not everyone is on board that train.

So, what are we going to do in Twin Falls and the rest of the Magic Valley?

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Trick Or Treat Will Happen Both Days

Since we live in a community of varying opinions and beliefs, it is safe to expect that there will be kids at your door asking for candy on both Saturday and Sunday evenings. If you don't shop on the Sabbath, make sure you stock up for the Sunday kids on Saturday.

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