The actor, Carl Weathers, who plays Greef Karga in the hit series The Mandalorian has given fans what they've been waiting to hear. Information has been released about the upcoming season three by the man who once played Apollo Creed in the Rocky films.

In the world of Star Wars, I'll admit, there are much bigger fans than myself. I think I briefly gave up on the franchise when characters like Jar Jar Binks and Mace Windu started showing up more than 20 years ago. No disrespect to the great Samuel L. Jackson, but if he's not dropping F-bombs in a movie, then I'm really not interested.

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The Mandalorian series has resulted in a bit of a Star Wars rebirth for me. I not only went back and watched every film in the George Lucas arsenal, but I started forcing them on my young son. The series is brilliantly executed from the storylines to the set decorations, and to the artwork in the final credits. With the exception of Ozark, I've never binged a show faster.

The announcement that season three is arriving at Christmas time in 2022 was shared by, and came a few days after Carl Weathers announced the new season had finished filming in late March. If this news holds true, then Christmas is looking extra festive this year.

Christmas is still more than seven months away and the wait will no doubt suck, but fans of the show know it'll be well worth it when season three does finally arrive.

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