As parents in Twin Falls, we were all just getting used to having our kids back in classes five days a week and now they are back at home full time for two weeks. At least the stay-home time isn't COVID-19 related. Spring Break begins for the Twin Falls School District today (technically Friday but they don't have any more classes this week) and you may be wondering what you will do with the time-off.

I know I'm wondering what we will be doing since I still have to work and I'm currently still working from home. That probably isn't going to be the best situation with constantly bored kids. Maybe this is the week I head back to the radio station?

There are things happening around Twin Falls to help entertain our kids and keep parents sane. The Twin Falls City Pool is open with the inflatable tower and the Herrett Center and Planetarium has extra shows for kids.

Something you might not consider a Spring Break activity is stepping outside at night to watch for the International Space Station as it flies over the Magic Valley. We have two opportunities during Spring Break to get a good view of it at night. Conveniently, both of the flyovers will be this week.

  • Thursday night from 9:46 to 9:49 you'll be able to see the ISS travel from WSW to WNW reaching a peak height in the sky at about 55 degrees.
  • Friday night offers a much better chance to see the ISS as the flight will be visible for twice as long and higher in the sky. Starting at 8:58 PM until 9:04 the station will travel from the SW to the ENE.

The station does move pretty fast so you'll easily be able to distinguish it from a star or planet. To understand how to spot the space station you can check out our previous story.

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