Space: the final frontier, is always up to something. Sometimes the surprises are natural and other times they are man-made and more predictable. The other day I was driving down Washington Street and thought I saw a light streak across the sky. When I got home I checked my dashcam footage and I wasn't crazy. I was surprised too. I posted the footage on a local Facebook group to see if others had seen it. People commented from all around Southern Idaho that they had seen it in Hailey, Twin Falls, and Buhl. These random lights in the sky always get our attention and we love seeing them.

October Will Be Full Of Cool Sky Sights

While the nice meteor I saw was a surprise, some night sky sights are predictable. This weekend you have a chance to see the International Space Station as it flies over Southern Idaho. It will be the first sighting in October, and depending on the weather it could be the last sighting of the year.

The Space Station will fly over Twin Falls on Saturday, October 2nd at 8:45 PM. It will appear in the northwest and run across the sky towards the east. It should be visible for about four minutes during that time at about 85 degrees from the horizon - or basically almost directly overhead.

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Sunday, October 3rd will give us another chance to see the ISS, but it won't be as high in the sky so it may be harder to spot from your backyard. See all the upcoming chances to spot the station on the Spot The Station website.

October will also treat us to the Draconids Meteor Shower a few weeks later.

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