Social media really can be fun, useful, and even beneficial sometimes. Other times it simply becomes an easy way for people to spread dumb ideas. I've seen social media sites be a huge help in our community when a child is being bullied and needs support or an event is happening and the information needs to be shared quickly. On the flip side, internet challenges are influencing young kids to make bad choices and often dangerous decisions to get video views.

Slap A Teacher TikTok Challenge

The latest 'challenge' dares kids to film themselves as they smack their teacher and then run away. Besides this not being an actual 'challenge' it is also a terrible idea and action as a human being. If you have kids in school, please make sure they know that this is one trend they should skip in 2021 (and for the rest of their life).

Teachers Are Already Struggling During The Pandemic

I wanted to be a school teacher many years ago, but I realized that I wouldn't be able to deal with kids for that many hours every day. I have huge respect for our teachers who are trying to teach our kids and make a difference in their lives.

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School during the pandemic has been weird. It has been a learning experience for teachers, faculty, students, and parents. With everyone already dealing with so much stress, it doesn't make sense that the 'Devious Licks' and 'Slap a Teacher' challenges are happening.

15 Perfect Memes For Idaho

The beauty of a meme is that it usually doesn't need any explanation. You can just post the meme and sit back, knowing your work is done.

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