This is kind of a funny and ironic story to write about today since last week I was writing a story about a contest that is the polar opposite. Last week I was writing about a company that wants to pay you to stay home eating pizza and binge watching TV shows. This week I found a company that wants you to get out of your house and not watch any TV shows. They actually don't even want you to look at any screens.

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The 2021 Refresh Challenge from Trips to Discover actually sounds really awesome. They are looking for someone, or a family, to load up in their car and drive to a top-rated AirBnB for a few days of screen-less bliss. Honestly, I like the idea of the 'eat pizza and binge TV' contest but this refresh your life challenge might be more of what I really need. Plus, we know there are some awesome AirBnB options around Idaho that would be perfect for this refresh.

I've noticed lately that in my house once the school work and chores are done, the screens turn on and often stay on until bedtime. My wife and I have been trying to be better about enforcing screen limits, but really there are days when we just want to sit and watch something so we let them do it too. A contest that forces the whole family to live a few days without screens might be the reminder we need that life can happen without hours of screen-time each day.

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