Today we received a number of reports of police activity in a Twin Falls subdivision and a possible shooting. Despite the reports from locals and residents in the area, there is still no official report from the police. We will update this story when and if any official report is given by the police. All information in this story is unconfirmed and based only on multiple reports and pictures from residents and media teams in the area.

Unconfirmed Police Standoff Reported by Twin Falls Residents Friday

Friday afternoon it was reported that there was a ‘Barricade Situation’ in the Morning Sun subdivision of Twin Falls. Some reports say the incident started as early as 9 AM. KMVT sent a team to the area of Sundance and Stadium streets and confirmed that there was a police-involved situation happening. They did not have any information other than that it was a domestic dispute that turned into a standoff. When police did gain access to the home they found the male suspect deceased from a self-inflicted gun shot.

Residents claim an armored vehicle was on the scene along with SWAT and that the coroner's vehicle arrived hours after the standoff began. It was also stated that the incident appeared to be a domestic safety situation and an elderly woman was taken to the hospital.

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Police were reportedly using their loudspeaker to talk to someone armed with a gun inside a home in the Morning Sun subdivision for a long period of time.

Public comments and pictures of the incident can be found in the following social media groups:

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