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Twin Falls Residents React To Boston Bombing [Audio]
So many feelings are floating around Twin Falls and all of America - sadness, anger, hatred, confusion, and fear. We live in the greatest country of freedom in the world, so how and why would something like this happen here?
Despite the terror, we have to continue our lives. Yesterday my daughter had…
Nate’s House Is Becoming A Mouse House
Spring has sprung...and apparently it sprung so well that every mouse in the city has woke up and decided to come to my house! Seriously - over the weekend we caught 10 mice in our house. That is more than we have caught the previous 2 years combined. What is causing this invasion of mice in my hous…
Should This Picture Embarrass Nate Bird
For the last few weeks, Twilight fans have been at the theaters watching (multiple times for many) the exciting conclusion to the Twilight Saga. While I may not be a Twi-hard...I have attended opening night for all of the movies. Now that the last one is done I can breath easy knowing I will never h…
See Nate In A Cheerleader Outfit At Bras Across The Canyon
It may not be something you want to see...and I am pretty sure that I don't want to be seen in a miniskirt and pom poms, but this is a great event and extremely worth the embarrassment.
Join us for Bras Across The Canyon on Saturday, October 20th from Noon till 2PM at the Perrine Bridge!
Extreme Midget Wrestling In The Magic Valley
I will admit that when I heard about this event I was not sure what to think. I really like UFC and WWE fights, but something about it being little people and at Canyon Crest seemed wrong. Turns out I was the one that was wrong because it was awesome!
Does Your Hubby Helping With Chores Help You Relax
Yesterday was a pretty crazy/busy day at my house for my wife.  So around dinner time she asked me to help and microwave something for 69 seconds, so I told her no...but I'd do a minute and nine seconds. It took her a few seconds to get it, and a whole night of sleeping on the couch for me…
Join Nate Bird For Lunch Today
The Best Burger in the Magic Valley contest is going on, and you get to vote for the best!  Nate Bird will be at Steve's Gateway Grill In the Rock Creek General Store in Hansen - 3048 North, Hansen at noon for a delicious lunch!  Come join him and get a special bonus code

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