I’m impressed by some train art. 

I wonder if rail workers often look the other way

While not all graffiti is considered art, some of it shows some serious time and effort.  Normally, I’m grumpy when I’m waiting for a train to cross on South Washington Street, but this week I took some time to look at the passing paintings.

Would painting train cars be criminal?  I suppose it’s considered defacing private property.  On the other hand, I wonder if rail workers often look the other way.  Some of the painting looks like it required hours (if not days) of handiwork.  Some rail cars are obviously parked for long periods of time in dark places, but it’s possible some freight companies and railroads have figured if you can’t beat ‘em then join ‘em!

I also don’t believe much of the artwork is done in Twin Falls, but we still get to see it whenever we’re waiting at grade crossings.

Aside from some old Tonka trucks, I never spray painted anything in my life.  Anyone willing to admit to past artistry?

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