In just a few weeks the leaves will begin changing colors in Idaho and the whole state will become vibrant and beautiful. Then the leaves will turn brown, die, and fall to the ground. The bare trees will bring a different look to the landscape which will then, not long from now, be covered in a white blanket of snow. The views in Idaho are constantly changing yet tourists come year round to visit. Sometimes visitors are impressed with what they see and other times they leave underwhelmed and disappointed in what Idaho showed them. I've heard people express disappointment if they come at the wrong time of the year to see the Shoshone Falls. I've also heard how impressed people are when the Falls are at full flow.

Probably the most common complaint I hear when people come to visit is Craters of the Moon. I've been a few times and I agree. Craters is my definition of a tourist trap. I know there are people who love it though. So, in a twist out of left field, a recent story claims that Craters of the Moon is the most underrated attraction in Idaho. On the flip side they say that Sun Valley is the most overrated. Did they make this study on opposite day?

The results come from an article at Their slideshow forces you to scroll through every state so I'm saving you the time, kind of like warning visitors about underrated attractions, by telling you what they chose for Idaho. If you still decide to scroll through their slideshow you'll see that their reason for saying Craters is underrated is because you feel like you are 'walking on the moon and the stargazing is out of this world.' For Sun Valley their claim for overrated is due to the 'overpriced boutiques and food.'

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