We are hosting Thanksgiving this year so my house is going to be insane! Not just because there will be more than 40 people there but because trying to cook all the food necessary for a proper feast is tough. Especially when you only have one oven. Actually - even with 2 ovens Thanksgiving meal prep is tough.

A few years ago we were doing our Thanksgiving meal preparations and came across a turkey roaster. It was only about $40 and reviews touted the ability to cook a turkey in less than 4 hours. We figured we couldn't lose on that! My mom was super incredulous that a frozen turkey could cook that fast. But it did!

We were able to use the ovens to cook pies, breads, yams, and other food while the turkey roaster just took up a bit of counter space and did its thing. If you can afford an extra $40 this year and need the oven space - check out the turkey roasters!

Have you ever used an electric roaster for your turkey or do you prefer to deep fry your bird or the good old fashioned oven way? What are your favorite side dishes at Thanksgiving?

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