I travel down Blue Lakes Boulevard in Twin Falls at least four times a day during the work week, and one massive crater of dirt between Java, and the Idaho State Liquor Store, always catches my eye. It has me thinking that with all the new businesses currently going up, why isn't anyone pursuing what might just be the best piece of real estate on the entire boulevard.

As you know, Twin Falls is expanding at an incredible rate right now. We have the new homes being constructed off of Washington Street and El Camino Avenue West, a new 24-hour gym is coming in, a sushi restaurant, and two more eateries are just weeks away from opening doors near the Twin Falls Visitor Center, not to mention a half-dozen or so other projects.

I'm aware rent increases with locations that are perceived to give potential business owners an advantage. That is, those prime real estate spots that get high visibility, and a steady flow of passing traffic. There are obviously wealthy investors that have discovered the city in recent years, and many are probably backing some of the very projects under construction right now.

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Greg Jannetta

The massive, empty lot that sits at this location--between the 200 and 300 blocks of Blue Lakes Boulevard--should be one of the most sought-after plots in all of Twin Falls. It's near the 5 points intersection, and is surrounded by popular eateries, service stations and coffee shops, and appears to have more than ample parking near it.

Something as simple as just growing some grass there for a small park, or putting up a couple of basketball courts, would be better than a highly visible, gigantic dirt pit. Why has this seemingly ideal business location been vacant for so many years?

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