Idaho (well, mostly Boise) seems to pop up lately in a lot of best of locations across the United States. There have also been quite a few times our state made the news for not so great news. OnlyInYourState came up with a few of the best times Idaho made the National news and weirdly all but one are about animals.



  • 1

    Millions Of Bees On The Highway

    When the news is 'everyone is getting stung' you know it's a great news day. That's what happened last year when 14 million bees got loose when their delivery truck tipped over.

    Bonus thought - remember in the Wickerman when Nick Cage gets stung by the bees. Good times.

  • 2

    Roadside Potty Break Causes Wildfire

    This one also happened just last year when a cyclist had to poop. So he went off the side of the road did his business and then lit the TP on fire which set over 73 acres of land ablaze!

  • 3

    The Parachuting Beavers Of 1948

    In 1948 some genius decided that the best way to get the necessary beaver population into Idaho was to throw them from an airplane. Genius.

  • 4

    Idaho Farmers Club Jack Rabbits To Death

    Back in 1981 Idaho was a lawless country of jackrabbit invaders and peaceful farmers. Things changed big time though when 400 hares were rounded up and slaughtered to save the farmers crops. At least the peaceful farmers saved the fur and meat for future use.

  • 5

    Snakes Take Over Idaho Home

    There have been a few similar stories about snakes in homes recently but none got the national attention like this one back in 2011. This family put up with snakes invading their home for 3 months before they called it quits and abandoned the place. Apparently the only one who can actually live there is Satan.

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