There will always be someone in the world who isn't happy about the current situation they are in. You can't make everyone happy, and sometimes those unhappy people head to their phones or computers to rant online. Often the rants are just someone blowing off steam and often those rants are pretty ridiculous.

Magic Valley Rants and Raves

I think it's good that people have an outlet to vent. If you don't let it out you'll just become more of a curmudgeon. There are numerous Rants and Raves groups on social media. In these groups, members can share stories that made them feel good that day or instances where they think the situation could have been better.

In early January, just after the holiday season, there was a rant on Facebook about a local doctor and his apparent disregard for the health of his patients. In the rant, the person is upset that a doctor has candy canes out for his patients to eat. The 'ranter' is upset because candy canes are clearly not a healthy snack, and therefore not a good treat to give out at a doctor's office.

Does He Have A Point?

There are currently more than 350 comments on the rant, so people obviously have an opinion about whether a doctor should give out candy. Most of the comments lean towards the outlook of: you don't have to take one of you don't want it.

It's also worth noting that many rants actually end up being jokes, and that's the case here. The man who posted the 'rant' later commented that the doctor is his friend and they are sitting together laughing at the comments.

Twin Falls Doctor Offers Snacks To Patients And The Internet Is Mad About It
Credit Facebook Quotes/Unsplash

People Caught On To The Joke

There have been other rants since the original post. In one the person jokingly rants that she has to sit with no snacky snacks because there aren't any left. In another, the man claims to be upset that the doctor is now trying to make us eat beef jerky and cookies.

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To see the posts and comments you need to join the Magic Valley Rants and Raves page. You really should join it anyways because it is always full of entertaining posts.

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