A young Twin Falls girl attending South Hills Middle School in Twin Falls is allegedly being harassed and threatened at school for her religion. Over the last two weeks she said these incidents have turned into threats.

UPDATE: The Twin Falls Police Department is following up and filing charges with the Prosecutors office.

According to the girl's mother, some girls began bullying her and threatening to "beat her a**" but have not put any hands on her. They were threats.

Then when she attended South Hills Middle School there was a group of boys who were saying things like they "idolized Hitler" and one child even allegedly threatened to "gas her". The anti-Semitic language only got more intense according to the daughter. One boy also allegedly told her that he liked to tease Jews so she was going to hate him by the end of class.

According to the mother one student was suspended but still was at a school dance where he told her, "thanks for getting me suspended." The group of bullies were still able to get in contact with her.

The mother also said in another incident a boy allegedly slammed her daughter into a wall and knocked a snow cone out of her hand. This boy allegedly does this to many other students but no action could be done because it was not caught on camera.

The mother said that the resource officer said they wouldn't be able to do anything about the threat because they didn't have the means to carry out the act. The mother of the daughter also told me that she called the Twin Falls Police Department and they were unable to do anything since no laws had been broken

When I reached out to the Public Information Officer for Twin Falls School District they did say that they were unable to share any information about disciplinary action that may or may not be taking place. The school also stated they have policies in place to prohibit discrimination based on race or religion and they prohibit bullying and harassment. Violations lead to disciplinary action and they strive to keep the schools a save environment for all to learn.

The mother has pulled the daughter and her son out of South Hills Middle School.

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