School rivalries are part of what makes school fun and this week one of those rivalries was put in full view at South Hills Middle School. Thursday morning kids showed up to school at South Hills Middle School and were greeted with a giant green rock instead of the regular purple paint. The letters 'RSMS', painted in white, were displayed on three sides of the boulder.

SH Pranked By RS

I've always thought these rocks were a weird addition to have at all the high and middle schools. They didn't have them at any of my schools in Utah. So, when we wanted to pull a prank we would take a can of gasoline and write our school initials in the football field. then we would either light it on fire or just leave it and let it kill the grass. I mean, we could have done something like that. I'm not admitting to anything.

I've talked with a few kids from South Hills to see what they think and the conspiracies range from it being kids from O'Leary trying to start a rivalry between Robert Stuart and South Hills, or someone from South Hills painted the rock green to raise suspicion towards Robert Stuart kids. It seems a lot of the kids don't believe it was actually done by anyone at Robert Stuart Middle School.

Regardless of who did it, this is a pretty good prank that you can only really pull off in Idaho.

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