Earlier this week we told you how a Twin Falls girl claims she is being bullied and harassed over her religion at South Hill Middle School. We have more information about what is being done with this situation.

According to Josh Palmer with the City of Twin Falls and the Twin Falls Police Department, there has been an investigation launched and they are filing a report out to the prosecutors office to discuss things further. That office will determine if charges will be filed against the juveniles.

Eva Craner with the Twin Falls School District released a statement earlier today, May 6th, regarding their policies and how they are moving forward. Due to the fact that everyone involved is a juvenile, they are not able to go into specifics about what is being done, however, they can say that there are actions being taken.

Craner said in her statement:

"We are very concerned about this reported student behavior. It saddens me to know any student within our schools feels harassed or intimidated due to his/her religious beliefs. I can assure you that any form of harassment or bullying is not acceptable in our schools. We have policies in place that prohibit discrimination on the basis of race or religion and prohibit harassment and bullying. No student should have to endure harassment due to his/her race or religion. We have been in contact with the family of the student who made the report. Our administrators are completing a thorough investigation of the report and there are corrective measures being implemented with those involved. Students who violate our policies will be disciplined according to our corrective action policy and we will take this opportunity to talk to all of our students about dignity and respect for others. The district cannot discuss any specific student disciplinary action.:

Craner also said they want to make sure the school is a safe enviornment for everyone and they will continue to work hard to address harassment in the school. To do so they will need the help of everyone to report any troubling behavior.

It is also a note that even if the school district cannot say specifically what they are doing to investigate a situation, that does not mean nothing is being done about it.

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