People have done some pretty crazy stuff during the pandemic based on suggestions they heard from supposedly reliable sources. Some of those knee-jerk reactions are due to fear and wanting to do something in the moment that hey feel will make things better. Besides blaming the virus on 5G cellular towers and injecting bleach as a cure some people have been microwaving their library books in an effort to kill the virus. You don't need to, and shouldn't, do that. If you feel the need to heat your books you can take them out and read in the sunshine.

We haven't had any reports of this happening in Twin Falls, but there are reports from Michigan, so before it spreads here just be aware you don't need to microwave your books. You could instead microwave your leftovers. The Twin Falls Library has announced plans to add RFID tags to library books and these tags could contain metal which is one of the main concerns in microwaving a book, as it would be a fire hazard.

The Twin Falls Public Library is now open to the public with limited hours and services as part of the Stage 4 of Rebound Idaho. The library summer reading program is also underway with a few new features to enable long-distance participation through the Reader Zone app.

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