Residents in Twin Falls have a new tool to help them report crimes to the Twin Falls Police Department.

The new reporting tool was launched recently to make it easier for citizens to file a police report for crimes that happen within the city limits. The Online Citizen Reporting Tool can be used by going directly to the Police to Citizen website or by using the QR code provided.

Twin Falls Online Citizen Reporting Tool

If you are the victim of a crime and need to report it, the Twin Falls Police Department Online Reporting System will help you file your report and follow its progress. The online reporting tool should not be used in emergency situations and does not replace 911 if someone is in danger. The online portal should be used for property theft crimes where the value of stolen or damaged items is less than $1,000. This includes theft from buildings, vehicles, properties, and damaged property. The portal website goes into more detail about each type of small crime that can be reported with examples to help users know if this is the right tool for their needs.

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When you click the link to file your report, you’ll need to have certain information ready otherwise your report could be rejected. The incident or crime needs to have happened in the City Limits, there are no known suspects, it is not an emergency situation, and you’ll need your email address. Minors can’t submit reports. If someone under the age of 18 wants to submit a report, they’ll need an adult to file for them.

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Filing a false claim with the Twin Falls Police is a misdemeanor crime according to Idaho Code 18-5413. Residents can still call 208-735-4357 to get help with filing a police report.

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