Water levels in the Snake River are already pretty low and the level in the Twin Falls Reservoir is going to drop significantly overnight. Starting Monday evening, Idaho Power will draw down the water level 18 inches below the current level. The draw down should be finished by 8 on Tuesday morning.

Why The Twin Falls Reservoir Water Level Will Drop More Than 1 Foot Tonight

The water level is being reduced so Idaho Power can do a routine inspection of the Twin Falls Dam. Once the inspection is complete, the reservoir will be refilled to the previous level and should be back to normal by Wednesday morning.

Those planning to visit the Twin Falls Power Plant Park should be aware that though the press release email states that the work won’t affect access and that small boats will still be able to use the dock, there is another project starting this week that will affect access.

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The construction upgrades to the Twin Falls Park will close the lower section of the area, which includes the boat ramp and water access, and the majority of the park's grassy area, pavilions, and picnic benches.

Credit Idaho Power
Credit Idaho Power

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