TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)-The Twin Falls School District is offering counseling services to students, family, and staff as school gets underway this week. Following the recent death of a student the school district says a variety of services and resources are available to students and family members to help cope with any challenges they have. District Spokesperson Eva Craner says students can reach out to their school counselors who don't just help with academic planning, "they are also there for support and to help families plug into community based resources like clinical mental health councilors and therapists." Craner says the district also has a limited number of therapeutic councilors available to students on an appointment basis so the student doesn't have to leave the school setting to get help. A program launched in the fall of 2021, Student and Family Assistance Program, helps connect students and their families with free counseling serves, "This is similar to what someone might experience through their employer as an employee assistance program, but we as a school district do this for all of the kids and their families," said Craner. The five sessions are based on the situation the student or family member is dealing with and if another situation arises where counseling is needed they can get another five sessions. The program is available to any student and family member up to 26 years old. Families can call 1-833-935-3816 to set up an appointment with an appropriate counselor. Because there is a shortage of providers in the area Craner says the program also offers online counseling for faster access to help. The district also provides a similar service to teachers and staff.

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