As Halloween rapidly approaches, many people in the United States are once again on the fence about celebrating due to spikes of the Coronavirus.

The world is preparing for the second consecutive pandemic Halloween in just a couple of days. There's no denying infection rates were much higher this time last year, but the virus is still causing many to alter plans for Sunday celebrations.

Maybe it's just me, but it appears a lot fewer people are decorating homes in Twin Falls compared to last year when the country was basically on lockdown. We didn't take our 5-year-old boy trick or treating at all last year because of the virus. Instead, we had a small family gathering in our home consisting of treats, movies, and video games. We left a bowl of candy on the sidewalk in front of our home with a note that read "Happy Halloween: Please Take Only Two Pieces." 

This year things are a bit different. Everyone in my family is vaccinated with the exception of our son, who is now six. We are planning to have him mask up times two, with a medical mask under his Halloween mask. It's better than shutting down trick or treating for the little guy two years in a row.

A new survey from the folks at found that 30% of the 2,300 Americans who took part say Covid-19 has caused them to celebrate differently than in previous years. Nearly 40% said the pandemic will not affect their celebrating at all.

However you plan to celebrate on October 31, we wish you good health and a good time.

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