The couple who posted the video explained this took place last month.  They were genuinely frightened as the herd came charging across a bridge where they were parked.  I say parked because there really wasn’t anywhere they could go and staying inside their vehicle appears to be a common-sense choice.

It seems roughly twice a week I now see compelling bison videos out of Yellowstone.  This is a combination of more people in the park and those people are mostly carrying smartphones and can quickly videotape encounters.

Some Tense Moments

Not all of the pictures we see come from people caught on a bridge during a stampede.  The shaking is what alarmed the couple who posted the video, which you can see below.  Bridges are designed to have some give.

Many years ago I attended a transportation news conference on an elevated off-ramp attached to a major interstate.  It was my first experience where I could feel the shaking.  You’ll get the same thing walking along the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls as the heavy traffic rolls along.

Bison are on the move as they look for new seasonal grounds.  They are magnificent beasts and yet you don’t play with them.  After a summer of stupid tourist videos taken at Yellowstone, it appears the safety message is beginning to take hold.

A Second Video Shows Lumbering Herd

There is another video from last week and it shows bison surrounding a vehicle at a higher elevation in the park.  You can view it by clicking here.  In this case, it doesn’t appear the animals are in much of a rush.

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