An extraordinary new video shared by an onlooker at Yellowstone National Park shows the moment a group of terrified park visitors helplessly watched as a massive bison charged a young girl who fell on the ground while fleeing.

Videos of avoidable confrontations between tourists and wildlife at Yellowstone National Park seem to get uploaded on a weekly basis. I've visited the park many times, and I make sure my family remains at a safe distance from park animals at all times. Others are not so cautious.

A video uploaded to YouTube on December 9, 2021, is perhaps one of the most dramatic I've seen in all my years of following these types of encounters. A group of park visitors watches in horror as the young girl lay motionless on the ground as the animal appears to be smelling her. It's probably a good thing that no one rushed the bison in an aggressive manner in an attempt to intervene.

A man who was running from the animal with the girl does stand nearby waving his arms and shouting at the bison. After what appears to be an eternity, the animal runs off and the girl is helped to her feet. This is once again a clear-cut example of tourists getting too close to park wildlife. It's unfortunately become all to common to see people ignoring signs and not following park rules.

We are very grateful that the young girl in the video was not harmed.

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