So, I just learned today that human composting is a thing and I never want to eat fruits or vegetables from Washington now. Washington State has become the first state to legalize human composting. What is human composting? Exactly what you are thinking but don't want to be the real answer. They are now allowed to use human remains as compost according to a story from the NY Times today.

Do we really not have enough plant waste to use as compost that we need to use humans now as fertilizer? This is way too close to Soylent Green for me to even think it could be a good idea. I've heard of people wanting to be buried under a tree and as the tree grows it will be a forever reminder of the person. But if you use a person to fertilize your tomatoes, those tomatoes should be left to the Donner Party. There has to be some transfer of human DNA to plant during the growing process and I'm not OK with that.

There's already a company, called Recompose, more than willing to take your money and turn you into worm (and human) food. I guess we do all die and go into the earth so you just have to decide how comfortable you are with how deep they put you in.

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