When a tourist visits Yellowstone National Park, they go there with expectations. They expect to see boiling pots of stinky water and mud. They expect to see geysers erupting. And they expect to see a variety of wildlife.

Wildlife In Yellowstone National Park

When I last visited Yellowstone in 2019, I felt extremely lucky to get that full experience. We saw elk, black bear, a grizzly bear (on the same trail we were walking), and we got stuck in a huge bison traffic jam. It was awesome. We were also able to see all the geyser eruptions we had penciled in our agenda. What we didn't get to see were any wolves.

Wolves apparently like their personal space and don't often get near humans. The few tourists who are lucky enough to see a wolf are usually very patient and hold cameras with expensive zoom lenses. That's what happened a few days ago in Yellowstone when the A Yellowstone Life Facebook page posted a video of their recent wolf sighting.

Wolf Sightings In Yellowstone

To spot a wolf in Yellowstone you either have to be lucky and in the right place at the right time or you have to be patient. According to the video description above they '...waited. And waited. And waited.'

How Wolves Interact With Each Other

It's pointed out in the video description, but if you watch the video you can see how wolves interact with each other. I think we often only think of wolves as dangerous animals but you can see in the video that they feel love and respect for each other.

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