I don't mean to belittle bison with the title of this story by calling them 'dirty' but I use that word to express how close these bison were to the tourists taking the video. You can see the dust, grass, and ice on the bison fur.

More Than 100 Bison Cause Yellowstone Traffic Jam

Last weekend, Yellowstone National Park rangers had to close up the main roads a day earlier than planned due to a winter storm that rolled through and blanketed the park in snow. Now there is only one main entrance open to access the park. I'm going to assume that is where this video was taken. You can see that there is snow on the ground and trees as the bison herd wanders by the camera.

I wouldn't call the actions in the video a stampede but it is exciting, especially around one minute in when the massive bison appears. And speaking of actions, kudos to the tourists for not being tourons and thinking they could pet or ride a bison like we wrote about before.

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Three Main Roads To Yellowstone Closed For Winter Prep

While the bison seem to be great at traffic control and keeping drivers from speeding, mother nature does her part too. Each year in early November, three of the main roads into Yellowstone are closed for a few weeks until they can be opened for snowmobiles and snowcoaches.

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