Idaho is a pretty interesting state when it comes to animals. We love animals and our pets are treated like family and we also love animals when we get to hunt and eat them or just hunt them because they are a nuisance. Looking at you rock chucks. Then there are the animals that don't really fall into a love or hunt group, like squirrels. Squirrels just kind of run around getting hit by cars, knocking out city power, and burying walnuts in my yard. Yet, we never go after them as a threat like we do when a mountain lion kills a horse or a wolf eats a farm chicken. For real, what purpose does a squirrel have? Are they like mosquitoes and just an annoyance we deal with?

In contrast to my disdain for squirrels, there is a guy in Buhl who has a pet squirrel that he rescued when it was a baby. Now the squirrel is about six months old and goes on tractor rides. I can only imagine how crazy that squirrel is normally but on the tractor rides he seems pretty chill.

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I guess you can add pet squirrel to the weird things in Idaho. But who am I to judge since I thought the Bruneau Sand Dunes were weird too. Perhaps I just use the word weird too much? Either way, kudos to the Buhl man for having a kind heart and rescuing the little squirrel.

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