Streets in Twin Falls and all around the Magic Valley have been treacherous this week after a blizzard blew through, filled by high winds and additional snow. Schools across Southern Idaho canceled classes multiple days this week due to unsafe road conditions.

But some people had to drive and one of them ended up zipping through a slick intersection near Swensens and slamming into a traffic signal pole early Tuesday morning. The impact destroyed the pole and brought it crashing to the ground which in turn caused traffic issues until Friday when crews could begin to replace the broken equipment.

The video was shared by the Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office thanks to a business owner near the intersection of Washington and Addison (one of the 5 points intersections) in Twin Falls. You can see the silver van coming up on the intersection, which does appear to be a green light for them. What is hard to tell from the video is at what point they lost control, if they attempted to correct their trajectory, if they slid the entire way through the intersection, or if they didn’t hit the brakes until just before the impact. 15 seconds into the video you can see the pole come crashing to the ground.

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There hasn’t been a report on the condition of the driver. Hopefully, since it didn’t appear to be a fast collision, they were able to walk away safely. There is a person at the end of the video seen walking to the right and the van door looks to be open.

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