About five years ago my wife and I decided that we needed to get real kayaks for everyone in our family. Up until then we had been using inflatable kayaks and between the time to blow them up and deflate them for storage and dealing with air leaks, they weren't fun anymore or worth our time. We got lake kayas for our family, which has been perfect, but part of me wishes we could go out and get crazy on a river.

I've only white water rafted and kayaked a few times here in Idaho, and I loved it. I like the day trips where you can float for a good stretch between rapids and soak in the sun and enjoy the beauty of nature. The group in this YouTube video is living the life and making me jealous.

Cool Drone Video Over Kayakers In Idaho.

The drone video was posted on the Dan Ady's Outdoor Life channel. At the beginning you even catch a quick glimpse of a moose playing in the river.

Where Was The Drone Video Of The Kayakers Taken?

The video description doesn't give any information of the location other than that it was here in Idaho. Someone who has travelled the state may be able to identify the location based on the footage of the kayakers or based on the cool footage of the rapids that run near the road in the early part of the video.

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I did post a comment asking for the location and am waiting to see where this beautiful river runs.

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