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Guys - this is going to come as a surprise, but ladies have secrets that they are not telling us. One of those secrets you may have glanced at on Facebook last week. But since we are guys, we looked at it and didn't understand or care enough to question it and moved on down the line of posts. I'm talking about the lone heart that was spreading across women's pages.

Just a heart. It could mean they are happy, in a new relationship, in love, watching something they like, or that they plan to eat the heart of a child - we don't understand women. That heart could mean anything.

Why Facebook Heart

Thanks to the internet though I have found out what that plain pink heart means. And it is silly.

The idea is fine - I'm all for you supporting a cause (especially a cause that all men love too). The problem is that these women are 'supporting a cause' by vaguebooking. Vaguebooking is when you intentionally post a vague thought with the intent to feel needed since your friends will have to ask what your initial post means. Vaguebooking does no good for anyone. If you want to support a cause or raise awareness you can't do it in secret or you raise no awareness. Especially if it is for an event that isn't real. Yes, believe it or not, but last week was not actually Breast Cancer Prevention Week. Breast Cancer Prevention Week isn't even a thing!

Can you imagine if men had known about this 'cause' though? The post is even cute and says 'Check your Boobies!!' With 2 exclamation points. The entire internet would have been lit up with pink hearts because guys love an excuse to post about boobs. The end.

Or is it? Maybe there is still a real cause or secret that I don't know about and I was just told a lie because I'm a guy?! Fine ladies, I give up trying to understand these head games.

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