If you ask me, it truly is about the little things that make us happy on a daily basis. It has to be that way because, if you are anything like me, the big things only come around every 5 years or so.

Reddit asked a group of people, what little thing in life makes you happy? This is what they said:

1.  A shower with good water pressure.
2.  Sleeping in your own bed after a trip.
3.  Fresh sheets.
4.  Fresh bread, with butter that's easily spreadable.
5.  Getting a piece of food out of your teeth.
6.  Waking up for work, and realizing it's Saturday.
7.  When you're sick, and you can suddenly breathe through your nose again.
8.  Using the bathroom when you really have to go.
9.  Falling asleep on a road trip, and realizing you slept through a huge chunk of it.
10.  Hitting every green light.

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