It's easy to see the bad things happening around us. It's easy to focus on what others are doing wrong or on our own faults. It's also really easy to point out those faults from the comfort of your home when you have a keyboard and internet access. What isn't easy is finding the good in every situation and focusing on that and the possibilities that come from being positive.

Southern Idaho Is An Amazing Place To Live

Here in Southern Idaho, we are surrounded by good things. We may forget about the beauty if we focus on the constant construction. We may miss the opportunities to have fun if we pay too much attention to the things that annoy us. We are lucky to live in a place as amazing as Southern Idaho. This list is your proof and your motivation to find the good each day around your or to become that good when you can't find it somewhere else.

11 Reasons You're Lucky To Live In Southern Idaho

Southern Idaho is amazing and you're lucky you live here.

Don't let the fact that school is back in session ruin your weekend. Go out and make the best of it. When you go out to eat at a restaurant and find that there's a staffing shortage and you may have to wait a few extra minutes, don't turn it into an 'end of the world situation'. Be kind to those who are out there doing their best. Southern Idaho is growing, which means out-of-staters coming in: be kind and welcoming to them. That's the Idaho we are and should continue to be.

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