Living in Twin Falls has pros and cons, just like anywhere else. There are some beautiful places around here, there is a ton to do outdoors, and the people are mostly nice. Overall it is a nice place to raise a family and live, but there is one thing that makes it more unique than other places I have lived and that is how close the community is and how they help each other. It isn't just that the residents of Twin Falls help each other, but the way that they go about it is something you don't see everywhere.

Rants and Raves Pages Unite Magic Valley Community

Credit: City of Twin Falls
Credit: City of Twin Falls

Since moving to Twin Falls, I have seen a community that interacts in a way like no other place I have lived. It is fascinating to see how the residents here use Facebook groups and rants and raves pages to communicate and discuss not just rants and raves but everything. Last week on one of the pages, a woman mentioned hearing sirens, and the way people respond with information, traffic conditions, and prayers for all involved are astounding to see. It isn't common in other places and makes the community seem tighter and like everyone is your neighbor.

Friendly Neighborhood Community is Rare


While the community pages are used in a unique and tight-knit way, it does have fights and flaws occasionally. Every social media page will have people that want to let loose on their thoughts and feelings, but overall the town chat pages, as well as the Magic Valley Rants and Raves page, do a good job of using it to unite the community and use it to help people know what is going on. Sad as it is to report for me, at times they are quicker and more accurate than news sources, but not always. If you need to know about a wreck or anything going on in your town, these platforms are reliable and one of the many reasons this community is amazing.

Giving Time and Money is Common in Twin

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Not only does the interaction on social media separate this community from others, one of the other things I discovered early was that this community is giving. When there is a charity event, people come out and support whatever the cause is. It can be a church lunch, a food drive, a charity event for the animal shelter, or even a blood drive, and people will show up and support any way they can. It is this giving nature that makes Twin Falls a place unlike any other.

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The next time you need information on something going on in the area, make sure to check the local Facebook groups, but make sure to share anything you notice as well. Bigger cities may offer more things, but you won't see a community that connects and is as open as you will in the Magic Valley. If you see a wreck, a natural disaster, or anything out of the normal, make sure to let your neighbors know and they will do the same. If you need help, they will be quick to respond as well. Thank you Magic Valley for being an awesome community.

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