In my weekly perusing of the local for sale real estate in Twin Falls I came across a beautiful monolith of a home near the Snake River Canyon. Honestly, pretty much everything about this house is amazing except for the really odd choice of green carpet throughout the building. In such a gorgeous house, what would make someone go all-in on weird green? Did they spend so much on the rest of the house that they had to cut cost corners on the rugs?

Weird Green Carpet Twin Falls Mansion

The home is currently listed on for $924,900 at 512 Mahard Drive in Twin Falls. It's a three bedroom, four bath house with four thousand square feet of house on two acres. I wonder what the house would look like with a more conventional carpet color and what that color would be? What do you think of the green-carpeted monolith in Twin Falls and what color would you choose for the carpets?

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