UPDATE: I was contacted by the seller of this cool house, and there is some interesting new information to share that we didn't know before. This place has a hidden swimming pool, solar power panels, and a full basement. I've updated some of the pictures below with additional information that you'll find just as interesting as the pictures.

We love looking at real estate in Southern Idaho. We've been cooped up in our own homes for far too long, whether that's due to the pandemic or because we don't like people. Looking at real estate pictures online is an easy way to escape from our current four walls and maybe get some inspiration on how to improve them, without ever leaving our couches.

This House Has A Swimming Pool Covered By Couches

Speaking of couches: the latest cool and weird house I found on the market in Southern Idaho has a room that is full of couches and recliners. It's a weird room with a secret: under all that furniture is a covered swimming pool. What makes it also interesting is that the majority of the house looks very updated and clean, and then there are a few rooms that appear to have been forgotten or added from a completely different house. That's not counting the exterior of the house which brings its own unique style to the property. It's weird and I like it. Check it all out in the gallery below:

2155 Elsie Ave. Weird House For Sale in Heyburn

2155 Elsie Ave, Heyburn Idaho House For Sale

The oddly cool blended house is in Heyburn, Idaho. The asking price listed on Realtor.com is $449,000 for the 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 4,738 square foot house...or houses depending on how you look at the weird layout and décor.

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I really have questions about this house. The outside leads you to believe that this will be like a farmy beach house, but you walk straight into a modern home with subtle colors and a sleek look. That is until you get the the weird part of the house where modern abruptly meets dated.

I don't know why the house looks the way it does. Maybe each family member drew a room out of a hat and that's what they got to decorate their own way?

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