We have all seen or heard the cell phone ads that say their company has the best coverage in America, but even with all that coverage there are still places that don't get reception. The weird part is that some of those places are right in the middle of big cities and other places you would expect at least some service.

For example, my parents live in the middle of a big suburb in Salt Lake City and their house is like the Twilight Zone of cell service. Nobody can get their phones to work unless you hold them up by the kitchen window.

My sister has a house here in Twin over by Lowe's and I get service all the way up to her driveway and then nothing. Sometimes, there I'll get a bar of cell signal but never any data service. That's pretty weird since it is right in the middle of town!

I'm basing this off of service to my own phone so you may be lucky and get great service everywhere or you know of a cellular dead spot that I don't.

The biggest surprise to me though, is down in the canyon at Shoshone Falls and Dierkes. We were there over the weekend to see the amazing flows going on and I couldn't make calls or send pictures out. I think I remember someone saying they put in a cell tower over there, but it doesn't help me at all.

One of our sister stations in Cheyenne got us thinking about this. Where do you think is the worst place for cell service in Twin Falls?

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