Winter is coming and with it comes cold weather, wind, and snow. Some days will be so windy it can push your car off the road and others it will be beautiful with no breeze at all. There will be dry days but also days that the snow comes from the side and all directions. As Idaho enters into the winter season the roads will worsen and people new to the state will need to adjust as some have never driven on snow or ice before.

Prepare Ahead of Time For Winter Driving

Before the weather gets bad, it is smart to prepare for it ahead of time. Make sure there is a blanket, jumper cables, gloves, and a warm coat in your car at all times. If you do get stranded or your car breaks down, you do not want the weather to be a factor, when you could have been prepared for it. A case of water is always a good idea as well. While I have never had to use them, chains are not a bad idea, in case the snow and ice get thicker as well as if you are headed up a mountain. For more details on what you should have check out the Idaho Power website.

Keep Your Car Up To Speed During The Winter

Credit: Gemma Evans on Unsplash
Credit: Gemma Evans on Unsplash

With colder weather, can sometimes bring issues for cars. Make sure all of your levels are good, keep an eye on your tire pressure, as they drop with colder weather, and if driving a truck, make sure to have extra weight in the back if ice does come. Make sure to keep at least a fourth of a tank of gas in case you need it, as well as make sure your windshield wipers and brakes are all functioning up to their standards.

Drive Safe When It Is Snowing or Icy

Credit: Jairo Gonzalez on Unsplash
Credit: Jairo Gonzalez on Unsplash

Even though a speed limit is posted, does not mean you have to go that speed, especially when the road conditions are not ideal. Remember to not slam your breaks but slightly pump them to stop. Do not make any sharp turns, but take them nice and slow. Be wary of black ice as well as be a defensive driver. Not everyone knows how to drive in snow and ice or has the same amount of experience doing so.

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As the weather changes and the road conditions do as well make sure to be prepared, take caution, and of course, be safe. It is better to have things you don't need in the car than to need them and not have them. It is also better to be early places than in a ditch or hurt. Give yourself plenty of time to make it to places on time and expect delays. Drive safe out there.

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