If you have always wanted to fight...but you are too afraid of getting hurt - this is the perfect workout buddy for you!  An Australian man has brought the whole “attack of the robots” horror forecast one step closer to reality by building the world’s first robot that’ll punch you. Fortunately, Kris Tressider’s robot isn’t meant to actually hurt its opponents.

Instead, the 12-volt, life-sized robotized puncher helps you get a better workout by making it feel like you’re in the ring with a real fighter.

Krissider says the robot, aptly dubbed “Punching Pro,” was crafted from steel and that its swift punches replicate an actual human’s mechanics. So if you want to avoid injury while working with the fella, make sure you bob, weave and duck when necessary.

The PunchingPro isn’t currently for sale, but Krissider is seeking investors. You can see the robot in action in the video below and on his website, PunchingPro.com.

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