Do you ever wonder what the animals in Yellowstone National Park do when the tourist  cameras aren't rolling? Almost every video we see of the wildlife in Yellowstone is of them battling or causing traffic jams, but it turns out that this isn't always the case.

Yellowstone Wolf Escorts Bear Through Field

In a Facebook video posted in September of 2021, we get to see what happens to a lone Grizzly Bear after he wanders through a pack of wolves. It's surprisingly calm and uneventful.

Wild Animals Don't Always Try To Kill Each Other

Gary Gaston posted the video to the yellowstone (yes, they didn't capitalize the 'Y')National Park Facebook page and explains what happened before the video. As they watched the Grizzly walk through Lamar Valley in Yellowstone and pass through a pack of wolves, one of the female wolves broke from the pack and began following the bear. She didn't attack and the bear doesn't seem to mind the wolf on his tail. They even pass a bird sitting in the field with no issue. The video ends as the wolf and bear are walking almost side by side through the field.

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In the comments section of the video Gaston posted another video that shows a bear in a field with a bison nearby. The two videos are a stark contrast to what we normally see. Many videos make it seem as though the animals can't help but attack each other if they are nearby.

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