UPDATE June 28, 2024: As planned, the temporary detour road has been placed and traffic is being allowed to travel the Teton Pass now.

UPDATE June 21, 2024: The Wyoming Department of Transportation has issued an update on the landslide and plans for fixing and reopening the destroyed road. Some traffic could be allowed on a paved detour by the end of next week.

ORIGINAL STORY June 12, 2024: If you have plans to visit Yellowstone National Park this summer, you may need to revise them as one of the main roads into the park has been closed indefinitely.

A recent landslide took out a large section of a major road between the Idaho access and Wyoming. Crews are working on repairs and have set up detours, but a timeline for the road to be fixed has yet to be determined.

Heading to Yellowstone From Idaho? You May Need to Change Your Travel Plans

Officials in Wyoming have called the accident a catastrophic road failure when the road collapsed after a landslide. The landslide happened on the Highway 22/Teton Pass at mile marker 12.8. There was also a mudslide on the highway at marker 15. Highway 22 between Idaho and Wyoming is the main road for southern access to Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, and Jackson Hole.

If traveling from the south is essential, commuters can use US26 through Swan Valley and Alpine. A detour using the inner curve of the mountain could be ready for use in a few weeks. Access from Idaho through West Yellowstone is still open for visitors.

Road to Yellowstone Between Idaho and Wyoming Closed Indefinitely

Videos showing the road as it collapsed and pictures of the damage after are dramatic. A large crack had formed in the road not long before the landslide and subsequent road collapse. You can see the video and pictures below:

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This video shows how the road continues to collapse after the initial failure.

Here’s the crack that formed before the landslide and complete road failure.

These pictures show the damage.

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